Green Smoothie Power Session

In this 1.5-hour session, we’ll go over the recipes and a few tricks to making the perfect smoothie for you.  

Why smoothies?  Good question!  ;) 

Smoothies are fruit and vegetable blended drinks that are a great part of overall health. In just one glass, you get your real food vitamins and minerals in a tasty and portable way. 

They can also be a strong component of any weight loss program because the protein and nutrient packed smoothies can replace high calorie meals. 

Our session

We’ll experiment a bit to craft just the right recipe for you: one that delivers great taste, and that powers your body with super foods.  We’ll make up a few batches of your recipe to take home and share with your family. In addition, I’ll teach you how to tweak your recipe to keep your taste buds happy.Even if you have an allergy to dairy or gluten, there is a smoothie for you! 

Plan for approximately a 1.5-hour session at your home or mine.

 Green Smoothie Power Session

  • $129 per 1.5 hour hands-on teaching session