Food for your soul!  
We are changing!

And by that, I mean, I will be slowly closing down the private practice component of the business and focusing on the writing, speaking and group sessions.  

As I advise clients, change is sometimes necessary. And so, it is with that spirit, I embrace it here and follow those teachings.  

Finally!  7 Days to a New You is our very own Spiritual Eats cleanse book.  This book is a guide not only with food, but the deeper journey.  The original intention is to write all over it - so it works best if you purchase the paperback format over the kindle.  Please use it as your fall back guide whenever needed. 

Chantel's blog, currently published through the Metrowest Daily and Hudson Sun is based on inner wisdom that comes to me when I run.  You can also find it at Chantel's Site
Find out what my program includes and how I can help you restore the balance in your food and your life

Spiritual Eats book:  Following the success of the online program, the book will give step by step guidance to follow and refer to time and again!

Client Testimonial
I am a 46-yr old single mom with a sedentary job who credits Spiritual Eats' cleanse with helping me to turn the page on a life-long habit of yo-yo eating and excessive carb intake.  The seven days of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains is mind clearing, so you can truly focus on what you're eating and drinking for nourishment. You will be amazed how much your body and mind will 'thank' you for it!

Carla B. Miami Fla

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