Joshua's Artwork


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March 15, 2013:  Josh's had an amazing experience during the month of March 2013.  The NBC crew descending on his home outside of Boston where they interviewed him on his passion for painting.  Later in the week, Josh and his mother traveled to Martha's Vineyard to meet master artist Ray Ellis.  On March 15th, Josh went to NYC and appeared on the Today Show.  To watch the exciting journey and view the segment, click here.

July 1-4, 2013:  Joshua has been awarded a grant that goes along with the amazing restoration work for St. Peter's in Omaha, NE.  The mural work will be done in Wisconsin.  Josh and his family will be traveling to Wisconsin where Josh will be given the opportunity to work under mural artists at the world renown Conrad Schmitt Studios.  If you would like to follow the tremendous restoration work and the life and story of the church, please click here.

July 17, 2013:  Josh's presented at FasTracKids of Westborough to children his age and younger.  He shared a bit of his story and love of painting with the children there.

August 13, 2013:  Josh's artwork - for the first time - leaves his house and enters into 2 private collections in the Boston, MA area!!!!!