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Cleanse your body in just 7 days

On a daily basis, you are exposed to more toxins than you can handle. They are in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. Over time, these can leave you feeling sluggish and performing at less than your best.

The next cleanses is scheduled for either 1/13-1/19, so start the new year right! These healing diets can help rejuvenate your body and sharpen your mind by helping clear your body of these harmful toxins. It can also supercharge your immune system. 
There is nothing you need to special order. We don't use special vitamins or harsh laxatives. This program focuses on helping you make good choices with your food and focuses on fruits and vegetables as a central part of a healthy diet. All foods are natural and can be easily purchased at your local grocery store.  In fact, much of what you'll be eating is  probably already in your refrigerator.  This is a natural approach to eating and clearing the body of toxins.  We eliminate or introduce foods in a specific order to maximize the healing and removal of toxins.

We will help you succeed on the easy-to-follow cleanse program with:
  • A voluntary pre-cleanse online meeting where we talk about how to prepare your pantry and yourself for this exciting transformation – scheduled for the Thursday evening before the cleanse begins. 
  • Easy to follow instructions. 
  • Daily emails that give guidance and encouragement. 
  • Access to online forum where you and other participants can share your experiences and encourage each other. 
The At-Home cleanse is perfect for you if:
  • You are ready to feel lighter, be more peaceful, get sick less and crave healthier foods. 
  • You are committed to prioritizing your health (for at least 7 days) 
  • You are self-directed and can follow a detox plan on your own (Don’t worry – the plan is easy!) 
  • You need a cleanse you can do while working.
The cost for the program is $55 and you can sign up below.